Parents & Guardians
Classkit for Parents & Guardians

Dear Parents;

In the past, at the end of the school year, a listing of classroom supply items was sent out so that you could begin to purchase and store those items until the first day of the next school year. This required you to:
a) drive all over to find all those items (usually the week before school starts);   
b) keep them in one place until school starts back up; and then,
c) lug them into school that first day.

This year we want to try to do something different!

Locate your school. Select the individual ClassKits for each of your student(s) [the ClassKits are listed by term, grade and then by girl or boy (the different items required by gender, if any, are already reflected in the separate lists)].  You can print out that PDF, keep it around till the start of school next year, go out and buy those items, store them and then bring them into school,


Just complete that ClassKit Order Form (one per family), and process your order thru the credit card system. (Your invoice will be shown as ClassKit.)  Then all you have left to buy next year will be just those items marked as NOT being in that grade’s ClassKit.  [Usually just a back pack, lunch box….] 


  • First, and foremost, you don’t have to worry about finding, buying, storing and getting all of those supplies ready for school next year.  All those items will be waiting for your child, along with a sheet of personalized labels, and two Student ID Cards (spaces for important information,  including immunization dates).
  • Second, the ClassKit staff has done extensive research and determined that the ClassKit prices are very competitively priced when compared to the same items from the “bigbox” stores.  (Especially when you consider that you no longer have to drive all over town to find that one yellow folder that no one has in stock or buy a box when you only need one of an item, AND, because our school is running the program, your purchases are sales tax free!!!)
  • Third, all the merchandise in every ClassKit is of the highest quality, with many brand-name suppliers represented (Dixon, Crayola, Smead, Bic, Mead ...).
  • Finally, each ClassKit purchased could result in the school (or designated parent/teacher organization) receiving a rebate that could be used to buy those items that will benefit the entire school.  With full participation a school could earn $1000 or more in rebates!*

As an added bonus there could be a drawing where one student’s ClassKit will be free of charge!!!*

Thanks for helping us raise funds that will benefit our entire school!

* Certain conditions apply. Contact your local ClassKit Dealer for details.