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What is the Classkit™ Program?

  • Teachers are able to standardize classroom supplies by selecting the most appropriate school supplies for their students
  • Parents have the opportunity to purchase those school supplies and have those items delivered to the school before school starts (including several personalized items) by ordering the ClassKits online!
  • A portion of each ClassKit purchase price could go back to the participating school as a rebate to purchase larger, bulk items for the entire school! *
  • One lucky student could receive their ClassKit Free!!! *

Why should your school be interested?
  • All students will have the same, quality school supplies when school starts
  • A portion of each ClassKit purchase price can potentially be accrued and be earned as a rebate;  With full participation a school could earn upwards of $1000.00 OR MORE!*

What is the extent of our school's involvement?
  • Promote the program in correspondence to parents/students (already created PDFs are included) 
  • Distribute catalogs and email access information to teachers
  • Distribute (via email and/or hard copy) the website access information to parents (already created PDFs are included)
  • Receive your ClassKits  and distribute them to classrooms/students
  • Select and notify the winner of the free ClassKit (you will need to also let your ClassKit Dealer know so they can reimburse that winner).*

* Certain conditions apply. Contact your local ClassKit Dealer for details.   


How do we get started?

Contact ClassKit  to receive more information